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Wichita High School East's Journal

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4th January 2005

sweet_charade6:03pm: This just in:

School tomorrow has been cancelled for USD 259. (source: KAKE.com)

You heard it here first! (actually you probably didn't but I wanted to post it anyway.)

This is wonderful news for me. I was supposed to have my English oral tomorrow. :D:D

10th December 2004

j0hn121510:21pm: SL physics lab
Does anyone have the full sheet that had the questions and procedure for the heat lab-thing that was due today(friday)???

Hutch has threatened me with bad things if I don't start turning things in...

also what do we need to do for this...


9th December 2004

sweet_charade10:36pm: SL Physics questionCollapse )

3rd December 2004

mdngtsleepwalkr6:34pm: Subject: Guess what's happening on Monday?

(Text as sent in e-mail)

That's right--
Amnesty Meeting (Psychology room, 3rd floor- to the right of the Debate room, 303?) because it's definitely time!
(And yes, some of you people receiving this e-mail have never previously acted within AI, but hey- the group needs to get out there and I've done a horrible job with that- and you should come because you think human rights and more important that wasting your time at lunch.)

Plan: As opposed to our AI chapter writing letters, another current ideal of AI is the sending of "messages of support to prisoners and human rights defenders around the world."

Directly quoting Samira Trad, a defender of human rights in Lebanon:
“…Each time I read one of their cards, my heart would be filled with love, courage, and determination. They made me realize that I have friends there and I that would not be forgotten. Friends that I never met but whose souls long for the same values: solidarity, freedom, peace, justice, and equality on earth. I am sure that one day these values will prevail.”

Thusly, I propose we make a slew of cards to send from school (even at lunch some week in the near future we could set something up to have people write in cards we made, maybe?) and over the course of the month carry this project to the public- hey, I'm being idealistic. I'm thinking if we talked to local shops/stores, we could set up for awile and snare common people to sign cards, eh? [And for those of you who are desperate, this is community service hours if we expand- NHS kids: group hours I believe].

Also, if each of you could bring $0.50 - however much you want and/or art supplies, it'd be greatly appreciated, as most of these must be air-mailed which is currently $0.80 for cards weighing up to one ounce in weight.

Cards will be sent to any of the following locations: the US, Turkey, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Syria, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Colombia, and Russia.

Please tell me if you're all good with/or against (as the case may be) the idea a few of us concocted today around lunch, heh.


(P.S. If we (Sumika and I) have to bribe you to come, we just might)

Cross-posted to eastib

3rd November 2004

sweet_charade6:27pm: Question for upperclassmen/graduated people
How strict are teachers and administrators about the 10 absences thing?

I've been home all week with some kind of viral infection thing, and I've been sick a few times earlier this year. I'm coming pretty close to 10 absences already and we're barely into the second nine weeks. If this illness doesn't clear up soon (which it may or may not), I could end up over 10 absences now.

I know last year by the end of the year I had 10 absences in GH's class, and he never reported me, either because he didn't notice or because he's just a nice guy. Is that fairly commonplace among the teachers, or am I in trouble?
Current Mood: distressed
cool_green_ivy5:03pm: If you're in Tri-M, don't forget there's a meeting tomorrow at lunch.

28th October 2004

sweet_charade5:13pm: Anyone want to help a girl out?
So, I'm supposed to go to the homecoming game tomorrow and get recognized at halftime for being a National Merit Semifinalist, but the problem is I don't have a ride, since my mom's working that night. Would anyone be willing to give me a ride? I live kind of downtown near Harry and Broadway.
Current Mood: hopeful

24th October 2004

sweet_charade4:39pm: Is anyone in IB Precalc who could tell me what we did in class on Tuesday and Wednesday? I was at home sick, and I have a feeling I either missed a test or there's going to be a test tomorrow or something. ._.

11th October 2004

sweet_charade5:22pm: This pertains mostly to National Merit people, but.

Who all is going to the WSU luncheon tomorrow? I was gone today, and I don't know if anyone said anything about it or not, but I don't really know what to do. I'm assuming we're not going as a group or anything, right? Should I just have my mom call and have them give me a pass to leave at 11 or so?

Basically, what are you guys doing, since I was lazy and didn't talk to Mrs. Frederickson like I probably should have?

7th October 2004

108antigoth8:41am: help a soldier out
i was a student of east high 7 years ago and i was a straight problem child untill i met one teacher that changed my life... i eventually straightened up and went to college then was accepted to med school but.. my jr year i joined the USAR and have been deployed a few times... and it severlly messed my med school up.....i am now going to iraq.. and i was wondering if ms feyen was still around... i need to talk to her and give her my thanx for giving me the chance to succed and serve my country...
Current Mood: accomplished

6th October 2004

mdngtsleepwalkr8:41pm: Subject: Dear East High- I hate you.

Dear Jerkface in the East High Parking Lot,
At about 3:30 today, I did not appreciate you doing the following
By throwing some random object, presumably a rock, at my right passenger window:

Thanks to you I have a $200+ bill to deal with.

In the future, please:
a. Grow up
b. Don't be an assh*le.

Furthermore, East High, specifically-
Get some better security; I'd appreciate it.

Paige Barnum

(P.S. Did I already post this? Yes, but I don't care.)

28th September 2004

darkredroses7:39pm: you know how it goes
Is it just me or is school just terrible this year? I also like how the administration is treating us like 5 year olds with their "go zones" and such. I know it wasn't this bad last year or maybe I'm just sick of it already.
What ever it is, I don't think it'll get any better.
amorygatsby7:34pm: Does anyone post here anymore?

7th September 2004

evasivepixie8:20pm: Swing Dance With Me?
This is Kyrie
anybody want to be my swing dance partner.
i really really wanna join swing club.
and it would be great if someone would join with me.
even if i dont exactly know you as of now.
now im just rambling. so um....please?

5th September 2004

108antigoth10:25pm: oh yea east
i went to east and it was the most horrible 4 yrs of my life...... varsity soccer/smoker two groups that did not mix....DAMN i should have went to derby...KAV
Current Mood: mischievous

2nd September 2004

mdngtsleepwalkr6:20pm: Subject: Amnesty International (at East)

So this is a rather lame way to spread the word,
but I figure several LJ users do in fact have
An interest in AI/check their Friends Page.

So now that we (likely) have a new sponser;
I imagine it'd be safe to assume that
Sometime soon we can hold a meeting.

For those of you that do not know about Amnesty:
Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people
Who campaign for internationally recognized human rights.
Further information can be found at: http://www.amnestyusa.org

Traditionally East has participated in varying campaigns through
Letter writing, but hopefully we'll try a different path this year.

Anyways; I'm just curious as to what interest currently exists.

[additionally posted to eastib community]

30th August 2004

diedwater4:10pm: so I guess my last entry did works very well...XD..how about let me just put it this way, besides you need to be a seinour/male, and dress up as a girl, and do a talent, what else you need to do?

29th August 2004

diedwater9:57pm: just wandering if anyone know the requirement for Mr. Ace...XD

28th August 2004

cool_green_ivy4:58pm: Surprise surprise, Mrs. Niles is actually nice. Strict, but nice.
Current Mood: Whoa.

20th August 2004

new_found_pain8:31am: 1st yr drama
I have a couple questions about drama..

One what kind of monolog do you have to do for your final???

I read on a web site that they do something with makeup...

Thanks so much...

18th August 2004

notseen11:12am: Another Question
Please tell gym doesn't just totally suck.....

I'm not a gym person( just like not a drama person). There are things that we had to do in my old gym class and I would not do them...
WE had a pretty laid back teacher... But ...The gym teachers last name is Anderson... Anyone got any tips??? and why do some have different teachers??

I'm very confused...
Get back to me, thanks Me
Current Mood: anxious

17th August 2004

darkredroses10:04pm: Calender days, ba ba ba ba
Hey, this is my schedule for next year. I think it's sucks. The only good part is I have nothing to do with the 3rd floor all year. Tell me what you think.

1st - Government, Koch
2nd - Spanish 2, Molina
3rd - Alg. 2, Sears
4th - Chemistry, Mckee
5th - AP US History, Witherspoon
6th - English 2, Steele
7th -Pottery & Sculpture 1, Perry

Oh and am I the only one who is really excited to go back to school? Honestly, I can't wait. Everyone says Sophmore year sucks, but uh...hmm I guess I'll just have to see.
Current Mood: good
notseen10:32am: So this is all new to me, but I searched Wichita and it came up with this.. I will be going to east this year.....

Does anyone know what Drama is like??

Current Mood: curious

9th August 2004

flute_player1:23pm: classes..
Soooo... what classes will everyone be taking this year? I'll be taking a history class, AP English, AP Government, English Composition, Physics, Band, and I'll have two hours of pass card time.

2nd August 2004

sylvanelfe4:56pm: Anyone interested in a night picnic please show up at the bridge in College Hill Park at 9:30 tonight. Bring a desert to share. See you there!

p.s. Yes I am serious.
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