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SL physics lab

Does anyone have the full sheet that had the questions and procedure for the heat lab-thing that was due today(friday)???

Hutch has threatened me with bad things if I don't start turning things in...

also what do we need to do for this...

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Thermal Physics

Objective: To get practical experience with thermal physics concepts.

Materials: Water, 2 glass cylinders, hot plate, hot pad, 2 thermometers, stop watch

1. Pour 10 mL of water into one of the glass cylinders.
2. Place the cylinder on the hot plate and the thermometer in the water. Record the initial temperature and start the stop watch. (don't forget significant figures and uncertainty)
3. Timing how long it takes for the temperature to go up 5 degrees, calculate the power input into the water.
4. Assuming 45% efficiency, calculate the power output of the hot plate.
5. Keep the cylinder on the hot plate until you begin to see bubbles.
6. As you are waiting for the bubbles, notice the changing of the temperature and write a short paragraph describing what is happening to the molecules of the water in the cylinder.
7. Still waiting for the bubbles, write a short paragraph explaining how the heat energy is getting from the hot plate to the water.
8. Notice the temperature as you begin to see bubbles.
9. Keeping the cylinder on the hot plate, notice what happens to the temperature as the bubbles continue. Write a short paragraph explaining why there is a change in the rate change of the temperature.
10. Pour 20 mL of water into the second cylinder.
11. Measure and record the temperature with the second thermometer.
12. Using the hot plate to pick up the hot cylinder, pour the hot water into the cold water.
13. As the water is approaching thermal equilibrium, write a short paragraph explaining why the hot water is cooling down and the cold water is heating up.
14. Once the temperature reaches equilibrium, calculate the volume of the hot water. Once calculated, answer why is or why isn't it different from the initial 10 mL.
And as for what we need to do with it...uh, I just went down and answered the questions that weren't like "do this thing but don't write anything." But I tend to do things incorrectly, so I'm not the person to talk to on that. Though he did specify it had to be typed, as I learned today. (I got to frantically type mine when the bus doesn't get to my house till 3:30 and I'm supposed to leave at 4:00 to tutor at an elementary school, yay!)
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